Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Earn Money Writing Articles on the Internet

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Best ideas for your perfect date

Probably the most superb for your unforgetable date sounds the idea about riding horses in the beach, across the water vawes in the view of sunset on the ocean...if you cant organize all those things keep the idea only about riding horses. Also could be suitable places near the forest or in some empty fields full of flowers.

Your partner will always be impressed by the oldest idea about organizing romantic dinner near the candle lights. It sounds very classical but believe me it is only up to you to make it special find out what he or she doesnt like about food and learn couple of recipes that you can make on your own. This realy wont cause you any problems because there are lots of information about cooking and serving table. If you are a guy make sure that she will come earlier and notice you cooking. It would be even more impressive than already served table.

Everyone likes going to the zoo and it would realy ensure you very romantic trip that you can always choose instead of simple going for a walk. All those animals and nature get people close together and eliminate stress. Such an interesting way of spending time together wont cost you a lot but such an evening will be memorable and pithy.

You would never delude yourself with inviting your date to a museum, ancient places of your town, castles, galeries or some cultural festivals. It even could help to know a lot about your partner, because such places oblige people to talk about peculiar things and shows his/her attitude to the world.

Finally, no matter where you go always use your imagination fly a kite, play hide and seek or paint fight, dance in the rain, draw one another or somethin


Our bodies require touch: it relieves stress; it makes us happier and healthier. In our fast-paced lives, however, we often forget the importance of giving and receiving affection through physical touch. We deprive ourselves of this very basic need. We also deprive our loved ones. I can't emphasize enough how important touch is in any of your loving relationships. We strive to diet, to quit smoking, to drink in moderation, and to exercise, in order to promote a healthy body. In my opinion, touching is the most vital gift that you can give and receive.

Touching promotes a healthy mind, body, and soul. I know, for myself, my days are extremely busy, and at times very stressful. I look forward to the end of the day, when I put my arms around my partner and touch her: It calms me, it relieves my stress, and it allows us to demonstrate our love for one another. When I go out and I see a good friend, I give them a hug: it makes me feel good -- and I'm sure that it makes them feel good, too. If you have young children, and you arrive home, they're excited to see you; in most cases, they want physical contact from you-they want a hug, a cuddle, and a kiss. It makes them feel loved and cared for, and gives them the security that they need from you. After a long, stressful day, that hug and cuddle, whether it's from your child, partner, or even a friend, is the best medicine you can give yourself.

You may be single at this time. Being single doesn't mean that you don't need touching and physical closeness in your daily life. Especially if you have recently ended a relationship, you may be missing the hugs, kisses, embraces and handholding that you once had. Your life and the world do not stop because you're not currently in a loving relationship - neither does your need for physical closeness and touching. Remember your priorities: it all starts with you loving yourself and taking responsibility for giving yourself what you need. I'm not talking about masturbation here (though that may be what some people need). The art of touching encompasses non-sexual as well as sexual touch. It's equally important, whether you are single or in a relationship, to get your daily allowance of touching. Demonstrating physical closeness with family and friends is one way to elevate your mood, allowing you to feel loved and fulfilled, while giving love to others. Try babysitting your niece or nephew, or maybe a friend's child. Young children love holding hands and being hugged or cuddled. This type of touching not only makes them healthier, but also does wonders for you. Also, going for a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, or even a haircut can provide the touching stimulation that our skin needs.

If you are in a relationship, both sexual and non-sexual touch are important. During the euphoric stage of a relationship, sexual touch predominates. You can't keep your hands off of each other. I think you all know what I'm talking about. In the beginning, sex is a very important part of your relationship with the other person. When mature love begins, non-sexual touch becomes more important, as touch takes on an additional meaning. While sexual touch can communicate sexual feelings, non-sexual touch can simply communicate your love, care, and affection for one another.

Physical closeness and touching stimulates the continued growth of your loving relationships. As our relationships progress, we sometimes begin to take others for granted; we simply get lazy, especially with our loved ones. When it comes to practicing the art of loving in your daily life, you can't be lazy or take anybody for granted, including yourself. Touching is an integral part of this art, which requires knowledge, effort, and, above all, practice. If you are in a loving relationship, make a concerted effort to touch your partner. Don't forget to hug and kiss one another before you leave for work, or when you return home. Take advantage of quiet moments during the day to give affection to one another. Hold hands in a movie, at a restaurant, or while walking down the street. Showering or bathing together promotes touching, and will give you physical closeness with your partner. Whether you are at home or in public, demonstrate physical closeness with one another. I'm not talking about public displays of affection that would make those around you want to yell, "Get a hotel room!" I am sure you and your partner know appropriate ways to be physically close in public, to show your caring and affection for one another.


Multiple orgasms are easier to reach for many women that have mild menstrual periods. Many women report a feeling of being totally open, full and in their power while menstruating. We know that we are extra sensitive during our menses. The stereotype of women being cranky and short tempered at this time is one reason we have been indoctrinated to avoid sexual intercourse while bleeding. Realize that sensitivity can work both ways. While speaking with women on the subject I have found that women that are comfortable with their bodies and bodily functions are more apt to enjoy a heightened sexual experience during their menses. Some of the ancient myths and traditions viewing the menstruating woman as "unclean..." have followed us throughout the generations and have perpetuated a subconscious fear for the menstruating woman. Semi-modern terminology such as "on the Rag" or "She's got the curse" show societies ignorance and repugnant attitude toward the bleeding woman. Menstruation was viewed as holy and sacred in matriarchal theologies. As the patriarchal religions came into power they showed a hysterical fear of menstruating women and of menstrual blood.

Myths from the early patriarchal religions perpetuated fear and distrust to the extent that from some cultures a man would lose his strength, vitality, wisdom, sight, and could even die from coming in contact with a bleeding woman. What wimps! Little did they know what they were missing. But my guess is that many women are so intensely sexual at this time that they outlasted their men in the bedroom, making the men feel belittled and weak in their virility.

The blood itself turns some people off. Most women bleed heavily the first three days accompanied by stronger menstrual cramping with light spotting toward the end of her menstrual cycle. These last two or three days of her cycle can be an exciting time for enjoying sexual intercourse. Subconsciously she knows that her chance of becoming pregnant at this time is unlikely, therefore allowing her to not worry about an unwanted pregnancy. (Reality shows us that one can become pregnant during her period, our bodies being unpredictable at times; so always make sure you are using some form of birth control if you do not want another pregnancy. Also remember to avoid sexual activities while bleeding if you are high risk for transmitting HIV or hepatitis.

The main point I'm trying to get across in this article is to honor your body and your inner self! Women are wonderful beings that have been put down for far too long! We must take back our power! We must demand that our men respect, love and cherish us. If we do not stand up for ourselves and each other the more aggressive (generally speaking) men will walk all over us, taking advantage of our nurturing, peaceful, creative natures. We must work together to overcome the negative attitudes that have squashed us for generations. With steadfast love, strength of spirit and most importantly by loving ourselves we can overcome oppression and fear based myths that have degraded women for too long.

Five Things That Women Hate in Bed

I believe that none of men could possibly be proud of being called “boring lover”, and none of the women would like spend their lives or even just one night with a “stallion” with such a reputation. Therefore, we are here to help you with a several tips on how avoid such a “label” on your back. Here are five things that women really hate in their sex life:

on’t be too careful
The phrases like “can I?” are NOT sexy. They just kill the mood. A good lover knows how to let the woman know their next step and how to prepare her for it with no questions asked. Sometimes it is enough just to look in “undressing” way or a provocative touch your girlfriends’ body to give a signal for sex.

“Mechanical sex”
Most women would agree that sex with no passion is boring, just a time spent with no particular reason. No woman wants to become an “inflatable woman” (perhaps only with a very little exception). I’m not saying that every sex you have has to be exclusively tremendous, but just don’t ignore the fact that every woman want to be a “woman” and it's always a good idea to keep that in mind. Be sensitive and sometimes not just have sex, but also “make love” to her.

If your girlfriend or wife know every crack in your ceiling – you are in a huge trouble. But don’t panic yet. A simple change of a place will help you out. Try doing it in your bathroom, kitchen, your car or even on a beach (of course find a place with no viewers), the possibilities are endless. Turn on your imagination.

Moaning and talking
Too loud moaning as well as too quiet is irritating for women. The silence is also not an option. You have to play careful here. Try to find the “golden middle” and to express your feelings to your girlfriend but not to all the neighbors. Try not to use all the same words during the sex as well, try to find phrases how to say how sexy she looks, how great she is in bed you don’t have to repeat all the same three words, which we all are so afraid of.

Unwillingness to experiment
If you are in a long-term relationship, don’t be afraid to experiment. Sex life does get boring, and there is a lot you can do about it. Try different positions, role-playing give a freedom to your fantasies. Do whatever you want to if your partner agrees with it, and if it would spice up your love life.

Discuss you fantasies with your partner at the glass of a good wine, and you would be surprised how fast they can turn into reality.

These are the main guidelines how to improve your sex life. What I wanted to say here is that women do not seek Casanova in every man. They just want you to make an effort to your relationship.

Remember that opposite of “boring” is exiting and unexpected, so if you try from time to time to surprise your partner, you will not be in trouble. The most important thing is that you would have a partner who would be w...


I assumed the Showtime series "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" was yet another hackneyed, over-the-top hooker story intended to shock the masses. But by the second episode, I was addicted. The imported British comedy, which ended its first season on Monday night, has proved well crafted and witty, keeping the harsh and gritty edges of London rather than presenting it in Vaseline-smeared Playboy soft focus.

As a high-class call girl named Belle, the excellent Billie Piper is young and handsome but also a bit worn-out looking, as we might imagine her to be. Though the show is sexy -- with plenty of unblinking bedroom romps -- it is also funny and perhaps even, dare we say it, informative, with juicy tidbits about a taboo and complicated life. Who doesn't wonder what the life of a call girl is like?

And yet, how accurate is it, really? Some of Belle's clients are unbelievably handsome. At one point, she enlists her (darn hot) ex-lover/best friend, played by Iddo Goldberg, into a client-requested foursome. By the time Belle had one of her regular clients (also her accountant) wearing a leather thong and licking her toilet after a request for some S&M action, I had to wonder -- how much dramatic license was being taken? There was only one way to find out: I needed to talk to some experienced call girls.